A Handful of the World’s Best Hikes

A recent transplant to South America, Jon M. Knight is the founder of MSP Direct Investments, Ltd., a company based in the Bahamas. His company invests in clients working in agriculture or aquaculture in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Latin America, and he currently directs two projects in South America. When not focused on his career, Jon M. Knight enjoys a variety of hobbies, including hiking.

Dr. Knight especially enjoys hiking and exploring in the cloud forests of southern Chile where there are no trails except those engineered by jabali. The area is steep and rugged in many ways, but with a mild climate, filled with unique beauty and blessed with no mosquitos, ticks, poisonous snakes or spiders. Indeed, these forests support a broad range of flora, from maqui berriy bushes to unique trees, such as ancient pellin (three to eight feet in diameter), and unique fauna, including the world’s smallest deer (the “pudu”) and a four to five pound tree leopard (the “kodkod”) that dines on eggs and moths.

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